How to contribute to the Ancient-Skies project

This is, where people from all over the world can contribute to our project. Of course there are multiple ways to do so...

As registered member

if you want to access (the todate published part of) the project's database, you need to register first.

As member of our Culture Teams

If you are a knowledgable person in the field of cultural astronomy for a certain human culture, you might wish to join our corresponding culture team. This is where the real work is being done (and we need any kind of help here). Team members do the research for a respective human culture and document their findings in the knowledgebase. Just call our scientific coordiantor.

As a Culture team coordinator

But if you have strong connections to cultural astronomy experts for a certain culture, then you might consider joining the project as one of our culture team co-ordinators. These people co-ordinate and empower their respective culture teams, strenghen our network and monitor the verification process within the culture team. Often they are experts in cultural astronomy for a certain culture, and therefore additionally work as culture team members. Again just call our scientific coordiantor to get in touch with the team.

As Donator

And last but not least, if you like what we do here, you may always show your appreciation by donating to the project. As we receive no public funding at all, donations are very, very, very welcome.

As Webmaster

If you like to help us promote the project globally, you might consider a weblink to the project on your website (and if you do, we would appreciate a short notice about it).

Use either a normal textlink or our banner as an image link
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